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Welcome to my little place in cyber space. This page is dedicated to my favorite anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion.

HUGE NEWS!! Time for EVA is now offering Email. For more info check out the Time for EVA Email Service page.

ATTENTION ANIME FANS!! I have some anime tapes for sale. They are all dubbed and VHS. For more information contact me at jackie@timeforEVA.every1.net Prices are negotiable. I will go on a first come first serve basis. Contact me soon I only have a few.

On this site I have tons of fun for EVA fans, including a chat room, a list and the meanings of the angels, for the fans pages on characters, and more.

A Brief Description of My Site:
Alright, this is not one of those sites that tells you everything about Evangelion and depresses you among other feelings of regret and that ever popular question: "Why do I exist?" This is just a fun site, no big explanations here. For those of you who haven't seen the whole series, I apologize if there are any spoilers. I myself haven't seen the series in its entirity, but I've basically ruined any surprises there might be by making this site. Well thanks for coming, I hope you enjoy all my hard work and effort.

If you need to Email me and the little buttons that say email me don't work, the address I use is: jackie@timeforEVA.every1.net

I finally got the GuestBook up! Please sign it. It's listed below.

**Neon Genesis Evangelion and related characters are Copyright 1996 GAINAX/Project Eva., TV Tokyo, NAS**

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